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Floor and wall times that are used for exterior and interior decorations belong to a class of ceramics that are referred to as whitewares. The production of tiles dates back to the ancient times. Today, ceramic tiles are manufactured in virtually every major European country and also in the United States. Today, tiles are mainly manufactured on an industrial scale considering the fact that their demand has been on an exponential rise recently. That is why the use of Phillips Kiln Services cannot be overlooked in such a case. Kiln services ensure that the manufacturing process of tiles is highly automated.

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The production of tiles is conducted by the use of a wide range of machines. The rotary mixer is an important element to take note of in this particular case. You might have to understand the different types of products that are used in making tiles so that can get to appreciate why tiles are of great importance. Since the tile market across the globe is generally mature and dependent on the building industry, its growth might be slow in some parts of the world.

Raw Materials or Ingredients

The ingredients or raw materials that are used in forming ceramic tiles consist of clay minerals which are mined from the earth crust. It also consists of natural minerals like feldspar that are used in lowering firing temperatures and chemical additives which are needed to enhance the shaping process. Borides on the other hand are used for coating purposes. The minerals which are used in making tiles are more often refined or beneficiated before they are shipped to the ceramic plant.

What Then Happens To The Raw Materials?

These raw materials have to be pulverized and then classified according to particle sizes. Primary crushers are used for purposes of reducing any large lumps of material. In this case, either a gyratory or jaw crusher is used to complete the process. These crushers operate through the use of a horizontal.

The Initial Steps

The initial step in the manufacture of ceramic tiles involves the mixing of ingredients. There are instances when water is added and the ingredients are wet milled or ground into a ball mill. If at all wet milling is used, excess water is removed through the use of filter pressing that is then followed by spray drying. The resultant powder is then pressed to form the desired body shape.

Secondary crushing is the applied in order to reduce smaller lumps into particles. In this case, muller or hammer mills are used. A muller mill in this case uses steel wheels in a rather shallow rotating pan whereas a hammer mill makes use of rapidly moving steel hammers in order to crush materials. Cone or roller type crushers might also be used in this particular process.

It is always important to try and understand the types of ingredients which are used in the making of ceramic tiles. This is just intended to make sure you know what elements make the tiles hard or look beautiful. The manufacturing process might be quite different but the ingredients are generally the same. You need to make sure that you are using tiles which have been made using the right sort of ingredients.